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help & design ideas
Help & Design Ideas

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We want to make shopping at TradeBlindsDirect an easy, straightforward and enjoyable experience. If you require further information about any aspect of your experience such as payment, delivery or site security and would like to speak to a member of our staff, please call our Customer Services Team on 01423 562555 (Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm GMT), or email us at sales@tradeblindsdirect.co.uk and we'll be pleased to help.

Design Ideas
From comfort and convenience to aesthetics and durability, every aspect of what you expect from a window blind should be well considered before you purchase.

When selecting window coverings, start by determining your functional needs, followed by your decorative needs.

How will the space be used?
For working, relaxation, entertaining, formal or informal activities?

Will there be children and/or pets in the room?
If so, be sure to consider cordless products for safety purposes.

Do you need privacy?
We offer a complete range of products in a variety of privacy levels, from sheer to total privacy. Some rooms may require more privacy than others, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

How much light control do you need?
If light control is an issue, consider venetian or vertical blinds – you can redirect the light or change the complexion of a room by rotating or tilting the slats or louvres.

Do you open the window frequently, or want easy access for cleaning?
Always consider the function of the window as well as the design. If you are opening and closing the window often, wooden venetian blinds may be too heavy and while they are beautiful, you may wish to consider a lighter blind.

Are there interfering factors that may affect the window or architecture?
Consider light switches, wall sockets, beams, chair rails, etc.

French doors
The key is to think of the door as a window, which happens to be in a door. It is usually best to use the same products as those already on windows in that room, for consistency. A blind will work, and can be easily fastened at the bottom of the door. It is common to use hold down brackets at the bottom so your product won't flop around as the door opens and closes. The product can be easily removed from the bracket whenever you want to raise it.

Window with a view
When you have a window with the view of a golf course, county side, etc., you should consider a product such as a roller blind that pulls up as tightly as possible.

Bay windows
Any product will work in a bay window, but be aware of possible gaps where the products "meet".

Upstairs windows
If you want a shade, consider the Top-Down/Bottom-Up feature, which allows you to cover the bottom half of your window and not block your view. For instance, if your child is studying, he or she might not want to close off the outside view, but may feel more comfortable blocking people from seeing into the room.

Sliding doors
Verticals are very popular for sliding doors. They can be installed within the frame or over the glass, but don't necessarily choose a vertical if the other room products are something other than verticals. Consistency is important, too.

Large windows
Whenever a window covering is extremely large, its weight makes it difficult to raise and puts unnecessary tension on the strings (which may cause the strings to break).

For blinds, consider dividing them up into multiple blinds on a single headrail, or order multiple blinds and install them side-by-side. Usually there are multiple windows within a single opening, so you should usually divide up the blinds to line up with the windows. When you do this, order ONE valance to span all the headrails to make it appear to be one single product.

Hard to reach windows
Consider specifying extra long cords so you can open or close a product. Some can be made with a remote control.

Front of house windows
It is common to want the front of your home to be as uniform as possible.

The more symmetrical your home the more likely the products should be similar. People often use one product across the front; however, many also use one for the first floor and another for the second. It's your house, so whatever you feel is appropriate should be fine.

Windows with humidity
All quality products are water resistant. Even good wooden venetian blinds are varnished and perform well under humid conditions. If your window gets direct water pressure (it's located in a shower) only a 100% vinyl product will perform well.

Bright outside light
To eliminate glare on a TV or computer monitor, or to prevent a bright security light from beaming in to your bedroom, use blinds with no route holes.

High abuse areas
If you have children in your home, you should get the highest quality, sturdiest products.